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Welcome to Ningbo Yunhuan Electronics Group corp

After years of development from 1985, Yunhuan Group has established itself as a prominent and leading manufacturer of power cords, power supply cords, power outlets, meteorological balloon in China highly reputed for the supply of high-quality, advanced products and provision of excellent customer service. "Yunhuan" brand has been honored as "Chinese Well-known Mark". The company has been awarded the certificate and registered as an ISO 9001: 2000 group enterprise. These further show that our management and production system, together with our service offered, are well accredited.

With the support of effective market and product research and our technical staff's effort, we have successfully developed a wide and comprehensive market such as GE, Wal-mart, Hitachi, Samsung, LG, Cooper, Haier, etc...

Our products are highly approved by ample certificates issued by PSE, CE, GS, SEV, SEMKO, FI, NEMKO, DEMKO, CEBEC, IMQ, VDE, BS, SAA, NF, KEMA, OVE, UL CUL CSA, IRAM, CCC and so forth, all our products now are complied with RoHS Directive and PAHs compliant.

We warmly welcome your enquiry at any time and expect to serve your esteemed company cordially.

Contact: Tom Shen
Tel: +86-15888180559
QQ: 468001407
Skype: yunhuancn
Msn: msn
Email me !
P. S.: All our power cords are available in custom lengths, made-to-order cable terminations, custom stripping and in custom colors.

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